Monday, July 29, 2013

This is it!

Dear family,
I have some very crazy news.. transfer doctrine!!
So, I have been called to stay in Napa for the next transfer and I will be training a new missionary! Sister Chavez is leaving to serve in Middletown and Sister Wise and I will split our area in Napa, each with a new missionary! Crazy, huh? I was embarrassed because I let out a huge gasp when Sister Alba asked me on the phone. ha! I know it will be a huge challange.. but I know the Lord will magnify me, because He called me! I am so excited to find out who my new companion will be! Please pray for her and for me! We will need it!
We don't have any investigators in the part of our area I'm taking.. so I'll be doing a lot of finding this transfer! Which will be fun! We'll get a car.. but my companion will probably drive because they told me they wouldn't certify me. Does Dad sell GPS's? because.. I don't know where I'm going.. haha. If not, I'm going to buy one at the store today. Because I need it for Wednesday.. I got an email from the visa people and they said that my visa still hasn't come, but they will tell my mission president when it does.
I know the Lord still needs me here and I'm happy to stay! I love it! And I'll be seeing Sister Palmer on Wednesday! Maybe she'll be my new missionary! :)
This week has been great! I'm going to miss my companions a lot! There are currently 8 missionaries in our small Spanish Branch (soon to be 9!) And one of the sets of Elders had a baptism last night! I played the piano and Sister Wise, Sister Chavez, and I sang! It was so great! The Spirit was so strong and there were so many members there to support! There were also a lot of non-members that we got to talk to! And our investigator Jesus came! He is getting baptized next Sunday! He is getting so excited and ready! We have a couple more things to teach him and then he can have his interview on Friday! I won't be teaching him anymore after Wednesday.. so I hope that I can get an investigator to come to his baptism by Sunday! I will be sad if I miss that!
Our other investigators are doing well! They'll all go to Sister Wise when we split, but I'm excited to explore my new area! And of course I still love those people! I have a couple more days with them! But I will be sad not to see them anymore.. they better come to church!!!
On Sundays, we started doing something to help the members stay for all 3 hours of church. Right after sacrament, we send the kids off to there classes and have 10 minutes of opening exercises before we split up into the other sunday school classes. It's worked out really well! In church this week, Brother Perez was gone, so he asked me to teach something for those 10 minutes.. He asked me to teach them how to sing! ha! (because we kind of stink..) So I taught a music lesson in Spanish! ha!
Wasn't that meeting yesterday awesome?! I loved it! And I love how you are all getting excited to do missionary work! They need you down there! Only one of our members showed up to the meeting.. so that was a bummer.. but we will get them excited and I know they will be a huge help in the work here in Napa! Napa is so ready! We are baptizing weekly in our district and I know we can keep it up! I loved how Elder Holland said that instead of saying "There they go" you will be saying "here they come!" We are here to help the members do their jobs! And that's what we're gonna do! Our branch has so much potential and we are really going to focus on strengthening them this transfer so we can find more people!
Well, I love you all! And I am so grateful for all of your prayers and support! I need em! I hope everything is well and that you are having such a fun summer!!!
Love love love!!!!!
Hermana Lawrence

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