Monday, July 29, 2013


Dear Family,
What a week of miracles!!!! This week has been absolutely amazing! And I love this work more and more every day!
This week we picked up 4 new investigators! More unexpected miracle ones too! We found super, solid Miguel when we were looking for a former investigator. Miguel told us that the man we were looking for didn't live there, but he would like us to come in and teach him! He started asking tons of amazing questions about God and religion and my Sister Vance and I just wanted to blurt out all the things we knew about the gospel! He is amazing and so ready! Also, we have a new baptismal date! Alexis is 17 and she couldn't stop smiling when we asked if she would be baptized! Her family isn't very supportive though, but we are praying for them and for her. Please pray for her! :) We really have been seeing the blessings of being exactly obedient! The church is true!
It's been pretty hot here, but I'm sure it's hotter for you down there! My hair is getting long enough where I can finally put it in a bun.. which is bad news bears, because I'm going to do that every day now. Not really, I'll make it look good I promise. :) But it feels good to get it off my neck. Also, I am not gaining any more weight! We don't have as many dinners because now we have 9 missionaries in the ward and we take turns at members houses.. so that's good! Except yesterday at one of our members houses, Sister Lozano (the one from Argentina) was telling everyone how when I first came on my mission I was sooo skinny you could see my bones but now she's glad becuase she fattened me up! hahaha. She's awesome. And I'm not really fat I promise.
Big news!!! I am now a Facebook Missionary! Whoohoo! So today I am deactivating my old account and starting my new one! I'm not supposed to add family or friends so sorry.. but you can probably look me up! I am so excited for the work that is happening! Facebook is going to help so much here with our investigators and members!
In 12 days I hit my 4 month mark.. Sad day.. In two months I'll only have a year left of my mission! Time goes by so fast here!
Spanish is so good! The other day, a Mexican told me that I sounded like I am Mexican!!!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER! The Lord is helping me so much with Spanish! It's amazing!  But I love you all and I hope all is well!!!!!! Love love love!!!!
Sister Lawrence :) 

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