Monday, March 3, 2014

New adventures and not so new, but equally great companion!

Dear Family, 

Remember when I told you I was coming to be with Hermana Lopez?? So I get off the bus and my new companion, HERMANA DOTE, came to get me! They all heard wrong on the telephone and it got passed to me as Hermana Lopez.. hah. We don´t even have an Hermana Lopez in the mission! ja! 

It is so good to be with Hermana Dote again! It feels like we weren´t even apart ever and we just picked up back where we left off! We´re already friends and we already know how to teach well together so that made the transition super easy! 

Our area is BEAUTIFUL! Freezing cold and right next to the mountains! The fruit here is super good, so I´mma eat good this transfer :) The members in the branch are incredible and all the young women love us! The dogs here are kind of nicer.. but still scary. It´s a more rural area, but still nice and there aren´t too many bugs so we´re good there too! :) 

Unfortunately, the internet in our area is realllllly stinky... so sorry but I won´t be able to send pictures this transfer... I´m going to go print them out so you might get some in the mail in 2 months! ja.... sorry...... 

We´ve had a lot of meetings this week so we had to travel 3 hours back to Mendoza and then an hour to another meeting in Tunuyan. So I haven´t gotten to know everyone we´re teaching this week.. but we should have more time this next week!

We teach primary in our branch because there are not enough people to do it. ha. But it was sooooo fun! 

Fast and Testimony meeting was amazing! I felt the Spirit so strong and the Saints here have incredible testimonies! The church really is the same everywhere and it really is led by Jesus Christ, himself! 

I´m so glad to hear that the Temple Dedication and Cultural Celebration went so well! I´m so proud of my family! Thank you for being such a good example to me! 

Well, I love you all and I LOVED your letters this week! I am printing them all out and I just sent some letters home on Friday! Hopefully you get them soon! 

I´m glad you got my Tang! It´s wayyyy better than what we have in the States! ha. I love it! 

Love you love you love you!!!! Thank you for everything! 
You´re in my prayers!
Your missionary,  
Hermana McKenna Lawrence