Monday, July 29, 2013


Dear Family,
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!! This week has been amazing and I've loved every second of it! The Lord really is preparing His children here in Napa! Miracles are happening!
We are getting so excited for Victor's baptism this Saturday! Victor is so ready to follow Jesus Christ and to keep all of the commandments! When we teach him, he doesn't want us to leave because he wants us to teach him another commandment he can follow! He has so much faith and he is so excited for his baptism! We've been praying so hard for some of our other investigators because we haven't been able to contact them.We need new investigators. I love this work and I am growing every day! Sister Vance and I made a companionship goal this week to work on urgency! We decided that urgency plus love = work! And we are going to work hard this week! The 101 is coming and we are so grateful to be a part of it! The Lord is on our side and Sister Vance and I have really felt the Lord guiding us these last couple of days! The Spirit is with us and we are going to find so many new people to teach this week because the Lord will prepare them for us!

This week we had some funny things happen to us.. On Monday I freaked out because all of a sudden there were Twinkies again! I was so grateful to be still in the states to experience that day. I bought some and they were gone rather quickly. The other night we were talking with one of our potential investigators out on a bench and this creepy man who kinda looked like a zombie sped past us on his wheelchair scooter thing. He sped past us back and forth a couple times before stopping right in front of us really fast and saying "In case you didn't know.. HOSTESS IS BACK! Twinkies, hoho's and wonder bread! I'm going to the store right now to get some!" And then he sped past us again. It was nuts! And then the guy we were talking to was like, "He's weird. He rides by here all day even at 4 in the morning, but he walks fine!" hahahahaha. It was awesome!
Also, the other day there was a baptism of Maria Rodriguez. Elder Deborah had never baptized anyone before and when he lifted her out of the water she fainted! I was on the side holding the towel with her 11 year old daughter who immediately started bawling because she thought her mom was dead. They closed the curtains and Sister Lozano the funniest lady in the world barged in, hiked up her skirt, and climbed in to pick her up and take her out. She was passed out for a good 2 minutes and we were all freaking out because we didn't know what to do. When she came to, she told us that the Spirit had hit her so strong and her body just relaxed and she couldn't move. It was a total Book of Mormon moment, but I'm glad it wasn't for 3 days or we could've been in trouble.. It turned out to be an awesome experience once she told us what happened! I think poor Elder Deborah might've thought she was dead too because right before she passed out she said "My body is resting now.." Yikes. But we all felt a peace and knew that everything would be okay. And it was! Maria is amazing and we are so glad to have her in the branch!
I love all of the funny things and funny people I get to meet on my mission! It really is nuts. But nothing is better than the feeling you get when you see the Spirit working in someone to change them and help them realize there are more blessings they can ever imagine for them! Thank you so much for all your support! You are a huge part in moving this work forward! I feel your prayers and your love for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you all so much and I pray for you all the time!
Hope all is well! Love love love!
Hermana Lawrence

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