Sunday, June 23, 2013

What I Learned This Week :) #12

Hello family!

So, I won't find out about transfers until Friday, and then we leave to where ever we're supposed to go on Tuesday. But there is a girl from my MTC district that said that this morning she found out that she got her visa and she leaves TODAY! crazy!!!

Everything is going so great!! I love it here!! This week has been awesome! The best thing about it was service tracting! It was fun! We picked up some kids toys and found a potential family to teach!! The mom, Beatriz, was sooo nice and we are calling today to set up an appointment to go see her and her family this week!!! Woohoo!!!! The hardest thing about this week is the trio... trios are hard? Were you ever in a trio? My companions both talk a lot, and you know me.. I don't. So sometimes it's hard to get words in and I won't say anything in a whole lesson or contact. Sometimes it makes me feel like they don't trust what would come out of my mouth so they don't let me talk.. But I'm learning to be pushy and speak up when I have a prompting. The Lord will give me words and time when I need em :) I'm speaking a lot more now and learning to speak up and Spanish is easy peasy. And I love my companions! They are amazing! But all three of us are VERY different people.. and sometimes that's hard.. especially towards the end of a transfer when every little thing starts to bug you.. but I love em and I'm learning how to live with things and repent and move on! Because mostly it's my fault for being annoyed. ha. Mission life..

Food is okay.. I eat everything they give me, even if I don't like it.. last night we had something called Seviche.. which is like raw fish cooked in lime and it's gross.. we have also had Mole which is like chocolate and spicy chicken... and Posole which is like cow spine and tongue and brain or something.. I usually don't ask what I'm eating.. and I usually don't chew a lot of stuff I just swallow.. hahaha. But you would be proud of me, I'm trying a lot of new foods and I actually like a lot of it..

Mexicans just eat A LOT!!! I'm getting super fat... I've gained 12 pounds since I've been here.. in like a month!! I leave every dinner feeling so full.. and I have huge food babies! Two nights in a row I ate so much that two different investigator's daughters asked me if I was pregnant!!! hahaha! I'm getting so fat... they feed me too much... I try to eat smaller lunches but I get soooo starving during the day becuase I'm still full at breakfast! hahaha.

It's not cold, it's actually super hot.. and humid.. which is gross. But it's ok. I love the mission! :)

The work is going good! None of our investigators came to church this week.. :( Jesus M was doing amazing this last week! BUt then he couldn't come to church because "his knee was hurting". Dumb agency. We still have 5 investigators with baptismal dates, but only one of them is progressing.. Our less actives are always doing amazing though! One of our less actives, Joseph, went to a lesson with us to teach Jesus and it was amazing! Joseph taught him all about the Book of Mormon and how important it is to read it every day! ha! He's amazing! This week we are really going to focus on finding new people. Sometimes we get so busy with lessons it's hard to remember that we always need to be finding. The prepared ones are out there.. we just gotta find em! I'm so excited for the meeting on Sunday!!!!! Our mission president told us that one of the Apostles said it would be the "meeting of the century!" and that it would change how missionaries and members look at missionary work! I know it will be amazing and I can't wait to see what's in store for the work of the Lord! It's hastening! And the Latter Day Saints are coming!

Well, I still love being a missionary! I love it more and more every day and I don't think that will ever stop! I know the Lord loves me and He wants me to succeed in this work! He wants me to succeed because He wants His children to have more blessings! I cannot lose in this work, becuase He is on my side! The Lord will not let my imperfect teaching get in the way of blessing His children. The work is going forward!

I don't have a lot of time to write.. but I just want to tell you all that the Lord loves you! Our Savior has felt every single feeling we have felt, even the tiny uncomforts we feel that we don't think matter. He is aware of us and will help us in every step of the way. All we have to do is trust. I have felt His love so strong as I have seen others come unto Him and see miracles in their lives. Miracles happen. And they will continue to happen. I love this work!

Well, I miss you so much! And I love you!

Praying for you!

Love, love, love,
Hermana Lawrence :)

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