Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yay for Birthdays!

October 21, 2013

Dear Family!

Happy Birthday to everyone and their dog! Happy Birthday to Dad! Happy Birthday to Austin! Happy Birthday to Whitney!! Whoohoo!!! You're all so old! I can't believe it! I feel like I've been gone for your whole lives! I miss you guys!

I hope everyone has a great birthday! There are cards coming this week! :) It sounds like you had some fun celebrations!

Things here are going great! Transfers are coming up and we are getting nervous! Our district has a huge white board for guessing where everyone is going! There is a whole point system and everything! It should be fun. ha. But my companion and I have been feeling that we are staying. So hopefully :)
Our investigator, Isela, is progressing so fast! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom and she told us that ever since she met us she has been trying to quit smoking! She has gone from 20 packs a day to 1 cigarette a day! She's incredible! The Elders gave her a blessing yesterday too, and she is so excited to have some extra strength and so ready for her baptism! We might even move the date up to the 2nd of November!

Fortino isn't super progressing but he will be soon! Please pray for him!

Other than that everything is great! The work continues forward! I finally have some pictures to send! Sorry they're not very good. Ps you should all try Strawberries with sweetened condensed milk and chocolate drizzeled over it. Delicious.

I love you all!!!!!! Hope everything is well! You're in my prayers always!

Un abrazo!
Hermana Lawrence

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