Wednesday, November 27, 2013 day closer to Christmas!!!

Ok, I really do love Thanksgiving. But it gets me more excited for Christmas! ha! 

For Thanksgiving, we are going to the casa of the familia Mora. They are from Honduras! So it should be sweet! I've heard they make a bomb turkey. I think we are also getting together as missionaries to play sports and do service, so that should be fun! AND THERE ARE ONLY 30 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! Which means Skype! Yay! 

So the other day, our zone leaders were skyping with the AP's and I walked by in the background and one of them said "Wait, Hermana Lawrence! You got your visa??" And I said "no..." And he said, "Whoops..." ...... Not sure if it was a joke.. but I guess we'll find out soon! ha! I could have a hot Christmas after all! 

The temple trip was amazing!!! I have the name of Aunt Maude and I will send it back to you! Thank you for sending that so last minute! Sorry :/ But it really was a great experience and I definitely needed it. 

This week was a little rough number wise, but next week we are determined to step it up! There are people out there waiting for us and we are going to find them this week! 

For my Thanksgiving dinner table contribution: I am thankful for a wonderful family who raised me in the true church of Jesus Christ. And for 5 best friends who will get to live with me forever! No empty chairs! 

Love love love love love love love love you all!!!!!!
Hermana Lawrence 

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