Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yay for Baptisms!

November 18, 2013

Dear Family,

This last week was amazing! We were becoming a little bit discouraged because after the baptism of Isela, we had to start over and find more people to teach. We were talking to EVERYONE and no one seemed to want us to teach them. This last week Sister Alba and President Alba came and told us about the training they had received from Elder Ballard a couple of weeks ago. He told them that the California missions will one day stand as an example for all of the missions in the world! And he taught them about "the doctrine of high expectations". I learned that God has some really high expectations for us and we have the tools to meet them! We were talking to everyone so that we could get our 20 contacts every day and do what the mission president asked of us, but if we are really seeking to do what GOD wants us to do, we will work so much harder, love so much more, and the Spirit will accompany us in everything that we do. We received a lot of training that changed my mission in just one day! I am so much more energized, so much more excited, and so ready to baptize the world! Elder Ballard told us that we can baptize weekly in our mission if we use the skills we have learned and love everyone. The people are being prepared,  but if I'm not doing my part, we won't find them. I have a lot of repenting to do and a lot of growing up to do, but I know I'm not alone, and I know as I serve others with everything I have, the blessings will come. 

My companion and I are getting along so well! We're best friends! And we work so well together! She has so much fire and she inspires me everyday to arise and be better! This weekend we found a lot of new potential investigators and today we have 4 lessons scheduled with member presents! The Spirit has been with us a lot more since we've received the training and I know the Lord is guiding us and helping us as we are desiring to make this change in our work.

Right now, we are teaching Fortino Martinez, Maria Negrete, Luis Casteneda, and Cristina and Israel Presiado. On Saturday, Luis came to the baptism of Margarite, who is now in the English ward, but he speaks English. He loved the baptism and wants to be baptized too now! He'll take a little bit of time to prepare, he says, but it's something he wants to be able to prepare for. :) I know he'll be prepared soon. The Spirit was so strong at the baptism! Kristin Parker is a member from the English ward that has been coming to lessons with us. Her roommate is Margarite, so they invited us to sing at her baptism and that's how you got the picture! :) Kristen served in Chile, and she is so great! We're good friends :) 

Other than that, we are finding the elect every day! Slowly but surely, we will work up to one baptism a week! 

Know that I love you all! Know that I love Jesus Christ. I know He is with us always and we can always decide to step it up and be better. He will always support us in that. ha. The Book of Mormon is true. No matter how many people say it's not. The work is hastening and we are all a part of it! Zion is being created in our homes, our wards, and stakes. Next step, the world! We're growing every day! Because the Gospel has been restored :) Keep the faith and keep on trucking! 

I love you all soo much! 
Con todo mi amor y muchos abrazos, 
Hermanita McKenna Lawrence  

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