Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Big Week!! #5

Hellooo everyone!

This is it.. the last week! I should be leaving like Monday or Tuesday! We were supposed to get our travel plans on Friday, but we didn't which means no visa.. but someone told me that the Bretheren pray about our reassignments on Wednesday and the travel office should have our plans tomorrow! I'll keep you posted!

The spring semester at BYU started yesterday, so all the teachers needed to switch their schedules, which means we needed to change our schedules. So, my P-day is now on wednesday! Hopefully this is my last one and I won't have to stay at the MTC for three more weeks.. ha. One of our teachers is going home for the Spring, so her last day with us was yesterday, that was sad.

So craziest week of my life.... Last Thursday, I auditioned to sing a musical number at a devotional or something. I sang that version of I Stand All Amazed that you guys sent me. They told me it was wonderful and said they would find a time I could sing and let me know when. Then during my laundry time, Sister Nally (the MTC president's wife) found me and asked if she could talk to me really fast. She said they loved what I did, but was wondering if I could sing a different song. She didn't exactly tell me why and I was like ok.. .I guess I can learn one, but I'm leaving soon. So I wasn't sure if it would be worth it to wait all the way until this thursday again and only have one more devotional to be able to perform at and not even make the cut. But then I told my accompianist and I felt bad that she had spent all that time learning my song and then I was just giving up on her, so I said ok let's go get a new song and prepare it for Thursday. So we went to the music library on Monday to look through stuff. There were about 5 songs we wanted to try, and she knew three of them, so I thought I should probably pick one she already knows, so that she can be comfortable by Thursday, but as we were going through them, I felt like I really needed to sing This is the Christ. So we picked it and started practicing. I figured I would probably sing at a small devotional or a Senior Orientation or something. That afternoon, Sister Nally called me out of class. I sat in her office and she told me that a senior couple had just checked into the MTC. It was Michael Moody, the man who wrote This is the Christ and she asked me if I could sing that song at the devotional the next night! I said NO WAY! I just picked that song this morning and really felt like I should sing it! And we sat there, all of our jaws open, when the Moody's walked past the door.. Sister Nally called them in and I got to meet Michael Moody and his wife! They are the sweetest people! So we practiced really hard and last night I sang This is the Christ in front of the man who wrote it, the entire MTC, and President Packer's son who was speaking! WHAT?! It was crazy! Looking back it doesn't even seem real, but now I'm kind of a celebrity! ha! I've even gotten asked for autographs! I was super nervous, and I know that God helped me to sing that song. For some reason, He wanted me to sing that song, and He helped me remember the words, not to be nervous, and to be able to bear a sincere testimony of His son, Jesus Christ. It was the neatest experience, and I'm really sad that it's over! But it was pretty much the best day of my life. "With saints of old, in joyful cry, I too can testify: This is the Christ!"

On Sunday, during Relief Society, we got to hear from the new Young Women's President, Sister Oscarson! It was her first assignment! She did a wonderful job and helped me understand my purpose as a missionary more. Something that really comforted me was a story she told. She said that she was called to be a Mission President's wife when she was 25 years old and her fourth child was a week old! She expressed her concern to the Prophet that she didn't feel ready, and she didn't know all the things she needed to know to be a mission president's wife, and he said, "Of course you don't! You were just barely called!" I don't need to know how to be a perfect missionary yet, because I'm just starting! But I'm learning more and more everyday and I can't wait till I'm actually good! ha! She also said one of my favorite quotes, "Two people can do anything as long as one of them is the Lord!" I have definitely noticed that here! I need the Lord! Every second!

So, I tried Barbeque Sauce this week on my chicken nuggets.. and I liked it! I also tried ranch on a carrot! I like ranch too! Yay for new food! That's two new things in one week! I think I'll do well on my mission! As long as I don't keep gaining weight! I'm not even eating anything, how am I gaining weight?! All of my cardigans look funny buttoned up.. so I have to keep them unbuttoned.. But I've kicked up my work out a bit, so don't worry.

This week we've been talking a lot about what it means to be a light unto the world. We talked about how it doesn't mean just being an example. In 3rd Nephi 12:16, it says "Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." So we want OUR good works to make other people want to do good works and come unto Christ. We talked about not only doing what Christ did but feeling what Christ feels for other people. I realized that "follow me, and do the things which ye have seen me do," also includes the Atonement. Obviously, we can't perform the Atonement, and we can't forgive other people, but as we feel Christ's love for us, we can use that love to love other people and feel like Christ felt! And THAT is how I can become a light, not by doing good for others to see, but doing good because I love God and because I know what Christ did for me! I hope that I sang that way last night. Everyone keeps telling me I have a beautiful voice, and how does a big voice come out of a body that small? But I just want to tell them, that's not why I sang! ha. But compliments are nice too. :)

I love the MTC, and I am really sad to leave all of the people here. My district has really become like my family and I can't wait to see them again after the mission! I will keep you updated on what happens with the visa sitch!

I love you all! And you are in my prayers always! I will write soon!!

Hermana Lawrence 

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