Monday, May 13, 2013


Dear family and friends,

HERMANA ROBERTS GOT HER REASSIGNMENT! She will be serving in Chicago Illinois! Her flag on her Missionary Portal on line changed.. mine hasn't yet, but ...... I'M GOING TO SANTA ROSA CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!

Wow. I'm going to California! I'm so excited!!!!!!! I'm going to a mission! I am going to talk to real people!

This week has been so great! Not gonna lie, I was a little bit bummed to find out that I would be staying here another week, but after much prayer and learning, I have realized the Lord needed me here another week. I have learned some great things this week that I couldn't imagine going to the field without!

There are only three of us left in our district, Elder Todd, Sister Roberts, and I. So we are a small district, and class is kind of weird because there's only three of us there to answer questions! haha. But it's fun. We're a ton more focused! ha. Things have been going well! Not much is new this week.

I feel like I don't have much to say this week.. except that I'm going to California!! Everything that I could say other than that is not as exciting!

I'm still learning a lot! We had In-field training this last Friday and it was awesome! It got me so excited to get out and talk to everyone!! Last night we had a devotional and Elder Eduardo Gavarret from the Quorum of the 70 came to speak to us. It was great! After the devotional we had a district meeting and talked about it. Something my Branch President said was that the people that we will find are so prepared for us! I have been studying Alma and his mission and that is exactly what happened to him! When he went to the city of Ammonihah, the people rejected him and kicked him out of the city. The Lord sent him back and Amulek was prepared to receive his message. Overnight, an angel appeared to Amulek and prepared him for the gospel! Maybe the investigators I teach will not be visited by angels, but they will be prepared! And I don't need to be afraid because the Lord has prepared people for me! I'm just the instrument! It will be hard work, but I'm ready! I cannot wait to get out there and share the gospel!!!

I'll talk to you soon!!! Love you!!!! You're in my prayers!

Love love love!!!

Hermana Lawrence

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