Monday, May 27, 2013

From the Green-Land! #9

Dear Family and Friends,

I love Napa! And I never want to leave! It is so green here! It's raining this morning and it is soo pretty!!! I don't want to leave!

This week has been so great! My companions and I are best friends and we have so much fun! They teach me so much about being obedient and doing it because we love our investigators, not just because it's a rule of the mission. I get so excited every night to go to bed so I can wake up and start another day of work! I've never been so happy and energetic than I have been on my mission! I love being a missionary!

Our branch is amazing! Four of our less actives came to church this week!! It was a miracle! None of our investigators were able to come this week.. but we're working on that. I love our investigators! We got four new ones this week! Please pray for Refugio, Ana, Idalia, and Jonathan! Pray that they will feel the Spirit and be converted to the Gospel even through our imperfect teaching. I know the Lord wants to bless them, they are all so prepared!!

We started singing in lessons and it is so powerful! We got 2 people to cry this week! Yay for music! The power and Spirit music brings is amazing!

We currently have 4 investigators with baptismal dates. We had to move two of them back because they are not progressing.. One of our investigators is so prepared! Betty told us in our last lesson that her brother had just gotten baptized and her cousin is getting baptized this week! She's reading the Book of Mormon and is getting ready to get baptized in a couple of weeks! I hope that I am still here to see our investigators get baptized.

This gospel is true! I know it more and more every day as I see other people make changes in their lives because they know it's true. Hearing someone pray for the first time is one of the most amazing experiences. And hearing them bear their testimonies about God before we even teach them is amazing as well! There are so many great people out there just waiting for the fullness of the Gospel that we have! And we'll never know who they are unless we talk to them! Even if they don't want to listen, we invited. It's really hard for me to be bold with people.. but poquito a poquito, I am pushing myself to talk to everyone and share with them what I believe and how it can bless them. In Spanish! It's hard work, but I have so much fun doing it! Being a missionary is probably one of the greatest things ever!

I'm so excited! The Prophet and Apostles are so inspired and dedicated to helping this work go forth! I know what they are teaching us is from God and it works! People still reject us, but the people who are prepared will be found more easily this way. The gospel is spreading!

Sorry I can't send pictures today.. the library is closed since it's memorial day, so I am currently writing this in the dentist's office of Hermano Perez.

Bueno pues, I love you all and I am praying for you every day!

Love you!!!!
Hermana Lawrence 

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