Friday, April 19, 2013

Our "Title of Liberty" #3


How is everything? I miss all of you! Everything here is good! This has been a great week! Our district had kind of a rough weekend, but Sunday really energized us and helped us move on and become better! We had problems the first week focusing and working as hard as we could and trying our hardest to apply everything the teachers were teaching us. So, we received a couple of talkings to by our teachers and had a "purifying day" where we decided to be better as a district and try our best to become the best missionaries we can be! We made a class "Title of Liberty" and wrote it on a pillowcase. Our pillowcase says, "We will  be THOSE missionaries, who NEVER lose their fire, because we are here in Christ's name. We can do all things through Him. We will remember. We will not be shaken." We recite it every day after our missionary purpose and the First Vision, and every time we say it, the Spirit is so strong and we are reminded of why we are here! I love my district! We are already like a family and it's only been three weeks! It's going to be so sad to leave them. One of our Elders, Elder Haught, was supposed to be in the Peru MTC, but he didn't have his Visa. He got it last week and left us on Monday. It was so sad! I'm sure he is doing amazing in Peru!!! Our district is doing so well now! And taking the Sacrament on Sunday felt so good :)

Spanish is going great!! I was asked to be a tutor for one of the girls in the new district! It is a little bit difficult because she has never taken any Spanish! It's hard to think back to when I first started and how I learned best. ha. But Hermana Villalobos is doing great! She already speaks so well! After a week! The MTC is amazing! I feel really good about my Spanish! I love speaking it! Spanish prayers are my favorite! Lessons are going good! We only taught once this whole week.. the other groups have taken so long that we end up getting skipped because we run out of time. But we were promised 2 lessons before the end of the week, so that's good! Practicing makes me feel better :) Right now we are working on memorizing D&C 4 in Spanish! It is pretty hard.

This week we had some amazing devotionals! For Relief Society, Mary Ellen Edmunds came to speak to us. She is the cutest old lady ever and I swear she could be Ellen's grandma! She was hilarious! She has been on 4 missions, so she gave us mission advice the whole time, but it was amazing! Something funny she said was when she was talking about flirting. She said, "DON'T TOUCH THE ELDERS. DON'T TOUCH THEM. But keep track.. of the ones you would like to touch when you get back.. Stay in shape on your mission, and then at the reunions.. touch them, and see what happens." hahaha! I want to be her when I'm old!

We also heard from the Brother in charge of the media for the Missionary Campaign of the church. I forget his name. He talked about all of the advertisements and campaigns the church has been doing around the world. He showed pictures of ads they put all over New York City and London! Mormons are sooo cool!!!!! Then he told us how many views on came from those ads and it was amazing!! The church is true! And the wave is coming!

Tuesday night, we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Richard G. Scott! That man is incredible. He is definitely called of God. He talked to us about prayer and how it is a privilege to talk to God and we need to be better at it! He said a lot of things that I had heard from a lot of his other talks, but combined they were so good!! He talked a lot about our calling and how God didn't call us here to fail. If we are having a hard time, we can tell Him, "You called me, please help me." We won't be asked to do anything we cannot do because He called us! I loved it and I learned so much from Elder Scott!

My companion and I are loving being companions! She is my best friend! We have also become really good friends with the other sisters in our district! They are awesome! Yay for Sister Missionaries! I love being here and I am reminded every day of why I am here! 3 weeks in and it already feels like it's been forever, but at the same time, I feel like I just left! I have a great almost 17 months ahead of me! :)

Thank you to everyone who has written me! I love letters!! I love you all and I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well! You are in my prayers always!

Love love love,
Hermana Lawrence

1. Hermana Roberts and I in our classroom! :)
2. The Hermanas in our district! (Me, Hermana Roberts, Hermana Naylor (From South Jordan), and Hermana Hawkins (from Laguna Beach, CA) I love them!
3. I'm small.
4. Our district!
5. Hermana Duke! Our first Sister Training Leader :)
6. The map picture.. cause you gotta. Yay for Argentina!
7. Our Bandera! And our teachers!

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