Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eternal Life...Me Gusta!! #2


How is everything going? Time is flying by so fast and slow! Looking back, I feel like I have been here for months! But I also feel like my last P-day was yesterday!! I love the MTC!

Oookkay, how awesome was conference?? It was so fun to watch it here in the MTC! I took more notes than I ever have at Conference in my whole life! And I didn't even fall asleep once! Yay for being a missionary! I felt like every talk was just for me! And they all applied to missionary work! We got to watch all the sessions AND the Young Women's Broadcast. My favorite talk out of Conference was President Uchtdorf's that he gave at the Young Women's Broadcast. It applied so well to what I have been praying for and a lot of the questions that I wrote down for conference! Prayers answered :) I especially liked when they quoted Les Mis, If they quote it in conference, you know it's good. Also, if you haven't had a chance to watch the training videos Elder Ballard was talking about yet, do it! They are so cool! I watched a little bit of it during some of our additional study time and I loved it!

After conference on Sunday, we had an amazing devotional! Vocal Point came and sang to us! I fell in love nine more times, except not really really in love because I'm a missionary. And I'm focused. I promise. But it was a good devotional. After the devotional on Sunday nights, they play videos of past devotionals that were really good or you can watch the Joseph Smith movie or The Legacy. This week, we watched the Legacy. It was like a real movie! As cheesy as it was, when the main couple kissed, everyone cheered so loud! Welcome to the MTC.

This last Tuesday, we had another amazing devotional! Gerald N. Lund spoke to us about revelation and how to tell if it is just you or if it is really the Spirit. I took six pages of notes on his talk! I didn't tell you last week, but we did hear from Sherri Dew. Amazing. She talked about the adversary and some ways that he tries to get us off track. She said Satan tries to confuse us about who the Savior is and what He's already done for us, he tries to confuse us from understanding who we are, and he tries to confuse us about how we get revelation. She said "the Savior isn't our last chance, He is our only chance." Yay for Sherri Dew.

The assistant to the Consulate came to speak to us yesterday! He gave us a presentation of what Argentina is like and the different areas. I knew a lot of the stuff he said already, but something new I learned is that when you eat there, you're supposed to keep both hands on the table, or in sight, at all times. Then I had to redo some fingerprints that they took last week and sign a paper that THEN will go to the Consulate. They said it could take up to 3 weeks to get them finished, but they're so far behind, that I'll probably be one of the last to get my visa. So there is a slight chance that I'll get my visa before I leave.. I'm not really sure what percent yet. BUT, I don't know what a wink to Argentine's mean.. and the  Consulate definitely winked at me. So I'm pretty sure I'll get accepted. :)

Hermana Roberts and I are learning the principle of obedience really well. Before you go on a mission, everyone and their mom tells you, be exactly obedient. And I was like ok that'll be easy, but now that I'm here, it's kinda hard. I forget that I'm not supposed to sing Les Mis or One Direction, I'm not supposed to dance, or talk about movies or speak in English.. I've been doing my fair share of that.. After conference, Hermana Roberts and I shared what we learned, and we both decided we need to work on obedience. We made a pact to help each other be obedient and stop each other if one of us does something we're not supposed to. It has helped so much!

Our lessons are even getting better! We got a new investigator this week named Jennifer. We've only had one lesson, and it didn't go great, but we learned a ton! Our lesson started out super awesome! The Spirit was with us super strong when we got there and started asking questions and getting to know her. Once we knew her well, we thought yes! We know exactly what to teach her! So we said the opening prayer and then she asked us a question about doctrine and boom, the Spirit was gone. We thought we knew best, but we were so wrong! The Lord knows her best and the Spirit is the one who teaches the lessons.. Without the Spirit, the lesson got really hard and we didn't know what to say. She said we could come back, but she has to say that, and we have a lot to work on before we teach her tomorrow. Ha. I'm so glad that we have the MTC to work out these kinks and learn these lessons before we go out and teach real people. Their salvation is at stake and I only have one chance to teach these people and prepare them for baptism! Yay for practicing!

So, everything is going really well! I love my companion! We are best friends! My district is amazing! Every night after we plan for the next day, we go around the room and tell each other something interesting about ourselves or stories of our lives back at home. We are getting to know each other really well and it is the best! I'm going to miss them when we all go to different missions..

I'm still rockin' the cereal and soda for every meal, but don't worry, I'm flossing.

So, on Sunday morning they don't like to cook food, so we all get cereal. And on the cereal dispensers somebody wrote "eternal" above the Life cereal sign.. An Elder in my district came and sat down next to me and said, mmm.. Eternal Life, me gusta. Haha! That quickly became the motto of our district. :)

I love you guys and hope everything is going well!! I'm so glad I made the decision to go on a mission! I am reminded every day of why I am out here! I love the Lord!

Alma 26:16 :)

Love love love!
Hermana Lawrence

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