Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yay For Emails!! #1

I know you all thought I may have died in the wilderness by now, but you are wrong.. I am still alive.
How is everything for everyone?! I miss you all so much!!! I am so glad to hear that you had a good Easter!! Today is my first Pday and it felt like it would never come! haha. It's so busy here every second of every day, but I love it!
Everything is going so great!! I'm a missionary!!!! And I love it!!!! After you dropped me off, I went straight to my room and then straight to class. On my way to class I saw my friend Hermana Roberts. We had a class together at BYU (Western Humanities) and we opened our mission calls on the same day! Anyways, we said hello and then I went to class. After I'd been in class for five minutes, my companion came in.. and guess who it was?!?!? Hermana Roberts!!! It's super hard not to call her by her first name, but we get along so great and it's been a huge blessing to be her companion!!! I love her! She is from Apple Valley, California and loves to run! We've been running 2 miles every day around the track! We're working up to 5. :) Oh! And she is headed to the Argentina Buenos Aires, West Mission.
My teacher Hermana Wilding is super awesome! She is really easy to understand and soo nice! I feel like my Spanish is super bueno! I have improved so much in just one week and my confidence has raised a ton! I can speak Spanish! It's actually really hard writing this email because half the things I want to say come out in Spanish and then I have to erase.. haha. By the way, we have an hour for email now, so that's good!
 The food here is alright. I'm sure people who like to eat food like it. haha. So far, every meal for me has either been white rice, cereal, a quesadilla, french fries, or a bagel. So, I'm surviving! haha. But this morning we went to the Temple and ate a Celestial Breakfast! Best waffle I've ever eaten.. It was so fun to go to the temple today! Just what I needed! :)
Easter was so great!! We had a special Sacrament Meeting where the Presiding Bishop, Bishop Cosse and his wife spoke to us. They shared an Easter message and applied it to our missionary service. One thing I particularly like was a thought that Sister Cousse shared. I learned that we shouldn't feel guilty for all the pain we've caused the Savior. He didn't come to condemn us, He came to save us. In fact, Christ takes away all of our guilt! He felt it all! And if we repent, we can always be happy! Another thing I learned this week that I loved (there are so many I can't possibly share them all!) was a goal that an Elder in my district made, and I decided to make it a goal of mine as well. His goal was "to repent as soon as possible". I love that!
My district is awesome! We have 4 Elder companionships and 2 Hermana companionships. We are all going to Argentina, Chile, and Peru. None going to my mission, but that's ok. They are so fun and I love working with them!
Hermana Roberts and I have taught 5 lessons so far to our first investigator, Gabi. Our last lesson was yesterday and we invited her to be baptized! She said she wants to, but she has to ask her mom. Then she told us that she was going to be our new teacher! ha! How neat is that!
Teaching is HARD. But it feels soo good!!!! I love teaching and I learn something every lesson about how I can do better for the next one. When I came in I felt pretty prepared, and the first little bit I was doing really good, but once you start teaching that's when it gets challenging. There are some parts about missionary work that you just can't prepare for. But I am learning! And loving what I learn! I am learning to rely on the Lord, to love people better, to be super obedient, and to not put sprite in your chocolate milk.. don't ask.
I see Hermana Crawley all the time! So fun! Also, I have seen Elder Martin and Elder Carlson! All of the Argentina missionaries! Woohoo!
OH MY GOSH! I forgot to tell you some great news! So, this week on Tuesday, all of the Argentina missionaries had to go get fingerprinted again. I don´t know exactly what for.. but on Wednesday... The Consolate is coming!!!! Well the assistant to the Consolate.. and they haven´t really told us exactly what that means.. but I´m assuming it´s good and that it means our Visas will be fine!!! Hopefully.. but it sounds good right? Yay for visas!
Well, I would send pictures, but I think I've only taken two so far.. ha. And we're in a lab that we can't send pictures in.. but I promise to take more pictures this week and send them next week! Thank you for all the letters and packages! I feel so cool when I get a letter! And it's so fun to hear from everyone!
I love you all so much! And I love hearing from you! I am prayng for you all the time! Thank you for all of the advice and the Nacho quotes.. they have been much needed. Keep 'em comin.  
Love you!
Yay for the MTC!
-Hermana Lawrence

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