Monday, September 23, 2013

"Vallejo Zone. The City of the Crime."

Wow! Vallejo is amazing! The people here NEED the Gospel! I got here on Wednesday and we've already seen countless miracles! This is going to be an amazing transfer!

I love my companion! Sister Fernandez is from Malega, Spain, she has been out on her mission for 6 weeks, and she is so sweet! We are great friends! Dad, where did you serve again when you went to Spain? She is helping me a ton with my Spanish and we speak Spanish almost all the time! It's great! I'm getting so good! She is also trying to learn English, so sometimes I help her. Every morning with her cute accent, we get up to go run and she says, "Vallejo zone. The city of the crime." ha.

So pretty much we live right in the ghetto. We live in a gated apartment complex so we're pretty safe, but there's a police siren that's almost constant 24/7, and car chases around every corner. It's pretty sweet! We live RIGHT next to Six Flags.. like you can see it from our window. It kills me. But our apartment is cute and super safe. We're pretty much safe all the time, unless we go tracting after 8pm, which we don't do. So don't worry. :)
I love my new zone and my new district! And being a Sister Training Leader is super fun! I get to go to all of the leadership meetings and go on exchanges with other sisters! I am so excited to get to know them better and hope that I can be a good example to them.

Right now we have a ton of investigators and I have only met one of them! ha. But I'm super excited for this week! From what I've seen so far, Vallejo is doing so great! Sister Fernandez is a great missionary and I know we will see so many miracles!

We are in the Los Santos Branch and it is amazing! Our branch president Presidente Tobias is from Guatemala and he is so sweet! Everyone in our branch is so humble and has so much faith! We have 8 missionaries in the branch just like in Napa, and we're all a district, so it's super fun! The members feed all 8 of us every night, which is nuts! But they still don't sit down and eat with us, they just leave the food on the table and do things in another room.. so we're good friends. ha.There are 6 Elders and us 2 sisters. We also have 3 new missionaries and they are so awesome!

Yesterday at church, none of the speakers showed up and the Branch President pulled aside two of the older Elders to ask them to speak. So, the Elders said, why don't we have all the new missionaries speak today! So, the three new missionaries and I spoke. Basically I spoke for most of the time because they don't speak Spanish. It was a long testimony. ha. But it was fun!

Something funny that happened this week. So there is a less active member in our branch that has 22 dogs.. And whenever we go to visit him, we have to teach him outside because there is no room in there house because of all the dogs. Also, it smells super bad. So we went to teach him and the dogs were going nuts. We could barely hear anything. Then, his neighbor and his heavy metal band started rocking out in their garage and it was literally impossible to teach a lesson. It's not super funny, because the Spirit instantly left. But it was a little funny, because the situation was just outrageous. ha. And he came to church! So that's good. ha. 

I am super excited to be here in Vallejo! And I know I'm here for a reason! Things are going great and I can feel the Lord guiding me every step of the way. Thank you for all of your prayers, I know they help. Hope everything is well at home and I love you guys so much!!!!

Love you,

Hermana Lawrence 

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