Monday, August 26, 2013

iPad''s gonna be big!

August 26, 2013

Dear family,

2 bucks for anyone who gets that reference. Guess what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

First read this scripture. D&C 88:73 "For behold, I the Lord will
hasten my work in its time."

Well, that time is now! The California Santa Rosa Mission is now the
first mission in the WORLD to all receive iPads! They are calling them
our 8873's! We now have a digital area book, digital planner, and all
of our scriptures and videos in one little iPad mini! No more huge,
heavy bags! Also, with these devices, we have the ability to have
Skype lessons and Facebook lessons with people around the world!
Welcome to my new mission, THE WORLD!

During the day, when no one is home here, we can teach people across
the world who are on the internet at night! People in our mission have
already taught people in China and Japan! China is open!! And we don't
even need a visa to get in! The June 23rd meeting changed the world!

So in our mission, we are kind of like the guinea pigs right now to
work out the bugs in all of the apps and everything and see what's
most effective. Salt Lake is watching us super close. There is a great
responsibility that comes with this huge privelage, but I know we can
be successful as we remain obedient!

The Lord is hastening His work and I am so excited to be a part of it!
Getting started will be a little rough, but I know every step we are
taking is preparing the work to be even more effective in the future!

I am so blessed to be here in California in this time!

Well that's the crazy news of the week! I have so much to say, I don't
know what to say! Once I compose my thoughts more I will write more
about it next week!

Anyways, I love you all so much! And so does our Heavenly Father! He
loves you so much that He put you on the earth in this exciting time!
Now we have the chance to choose and to be instruments to help others
remember His love for them too! I know He will bless you as you
continue to do what you are doing! I am so grateful to have come from
such a righteous, obedient family! And if we continue, there will be
no empty chairs! :)

Love you!
Hermana Lawrence

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  1. How exciting. I know you will do a great job with your new responsiblity.