Monday, January 13, 2014

Yay for Summer!

January 13th

This week was soooo great! Another week full of miracles! It´s still super hot and getting hotter, but the Lord is blessing us in other ways! ha. 

First of all, transfer news! I will be staying in my area, Dorrego, but my companion Sister Dote will be leaving. :( But my new companion will be Sister Cox! She came with me in the MTC and she is super fun! She is gorgeous so that means I actually have to do my hair every day. haha! We will both be Sister Training Leaders, so we will be able to do two exchanges at one time! Yay! I am super excited and I can just feel the miracles coming this next transfer! 

The week started out a little rough, like always, but the weekend brings the miracles! On Thursday, we went to visit some less-actives with our Ward Mission Leader, and Daiana who is leaving on her mission in April to Brazil! We visited Hermana Aurora Puebla who doesn´t hear very well so we had to knock about 10 times. We finally decided to call her and she came out in a little bit. When we entered in her house, it was full of smoke! When she came out to open the door, she realized her kitchen was on fire and quickly put it out. She told us that she hadn´t noticed it, and if we wouldn´t have come, she would´ve died! Wow. ha. We shared a short message with her and she felt the Spirit and wanted to come to church! She didn´t come, but everything in the Lord´s timing :) 

Monica, who got the job last week, lost the job a day later, and has been outside all day everyday looking for work. Every time we pass by, her sweet daughter says that she doesn´t know what time she left or what time she´ll be back. But she has a ton of faith and wants to keep coming to church! So please keep praying for her! 

We are also teaching Raquel and her dad Humberto. They are incredible and searching for the church that "fills" them. They´ll find it soon. :) This week we also found Patricia and her husband Santiago! They were out shopping in a store that is owned by a member, and picked up the Liahona that was sitting on the counter. As she flipped through it she asked Hermana Leon where she could get a copy and she got her address and sent us over! Patricia told us that that day, she had been praying with her husband to find the chuch that they should go to with their family! She told us she wants to come to church and she wants to know more! They didn´t come this week, but we´re going back to teach them all this week and I know they will come soon! They´re amazing! 

Everything is going really well! I´m still amazing at how much I can learn each and every day. I feel like I never stop learning! It´s amazing! And my testimony never stops growing stronger. This is the Lord´s work. And it´s our decision to be observers or participants. But participating fills you with a joy that´s indescribable! (ya no puedo escribir en inglés) I love being a missionary! I love who the Lord is turning me into. I love the support I feel from all of you. I love my life! 

How is everything going for all of you? I heard is super freezing cold in the states? Probably not in Arizona, but everyone I meet tells me "oh, you´re from the US? It´s super cold there right now" haha. And I thought, well no wonder I haven´t heard anything from my family because we live in the desert. 

Love you allllllll!!!!!!!! 

Also, some funnies of the week: 

This week I swallowed a bug. It was gross. And I was fasting. 

Every person we talk to thinks we´re crazy for walking out in the heat all day. Every conversation ends with "vayan por la sombra" which means, walk in the shade! haha. I´m getting a little bit tan! But not really at all. 

Good luck with everything this week! 

Hermana Lawrence 

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