Friday, January 3, 2014

Only 360 more Days till Christmas!!

December 30, 2013

Well, my favorite day of the year is passed, and that makes me sad, but the work of the Lord continues to make me happier every day, so I can wait another 360 days :) 

This week was a little different. There weren´t a lot of productive things we would do on Christmas Eve or on Christmas and then we went to Uspallata for the weekend to do exchanges. But our area is going strong and we are looking forward to another great week! (even though Tuesday and Wednesday we have to stay inside all day.. it´s supposed to be dangerous on the streets those days) 

Uspallata is so pretty! It´s an area right in the mountains so the weather was so nice and basically I wanted to stay there forever! There was a lot of wind, but the sun shone right on us.. so I´m a little bit fried. ok a lot. but it´s kind of turning into a nice tan! so that´s good :) We spent the day with Hermana Tirado from Peru and Hermana Norr from Washington and saw so many miracles! In the two days we were there, they picked up 4 new investigators with baptismal dates! They are doing so great and I learned a ton from them! 

Funny experience from Uspallata: We saw a lady sweeping her porch. Her porch was just dirt. 

Friday night was our ward Christmas dinner which was supposed to start at 8:30pm. I´ve learned quickly that Argentine parties last forever! We had permission from our mission president to stay until 11:30pm and they didn´t even start the activity until 11! ha. so we stayed for a half an hour and then went to bed. Who knows what time it ended? ha! 

There are supposed to be a lot of fireworks at midnight on New Year´s so we are excited to watch them from our little balcony! :) 

Rosa is a different person! She is so ready for baptism and she can´t wait for this Saturday! She will have a baptismal interview on Thursday and Saturday she will baptized! Yay! She has such an amazing spirit with her and she is so ready to start her life clean and serve Jesus Christ! I´ll send pictures next week! :) 

Something I forgot to ask when I was in Vallejo: There was an Elder in my district named Elder Contla and I KNOW I know him from somewhere! He said he used to live in Gilbert when he was little. They lived in the ISLANDS! and I said, I lived in the Islands! Do we know the Contla´s or did I have a friend named Zach? Because I think that´s where I know him from. haha. Random. 

Anyway, things here are going great! It was sooooo good to see you all this week! I absolutely loved talking to you and getting to see your faces! You all look so great and I know miracles are happing at home! I hope things continue to go well! I will continue to pray for you every day! Thank you so much for your strength, your examples, and your love! I love hearing from you every week and I promise to be better at writing details :) 

This week I have gained a stronger testimony about the love Heavenly Father has for everyone of us. In every lesson we have taught, I have been able to feel the love that God has for every person we teach. We were with all these people before this life and we are all here for the same purpose: to be able to live with Heavenly Father again. Heavenly Father wants me to get there, and He wants me to help all these people here get there. I can´t let my selfish desires get in the way of that. I always think about how hot I am, how I need water, how I need food, but these people need the gospel, and that´s way more important. I love these people and I know that the Lord will help me forget about myself so that I can help them more. :) 

I love you all and I hope you have a great New Year! Happy 2014!!!!! 

Con amor, 
Hermana McKenna Lawrence 

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